Two hits of "plowable snow" may hit the Twin Cities metro by Saturday. One forecast from the weather service is predicting another 5 to 8-inches on Saturday after getting 4-inches in the metro by Friday morning.

If you're not up to it, now's the time to set things in motion. Anyone with a smartphone can download one of two free apps for snow removal: Eden App or Plowz & Mowz .

You can also go onto the company's website for service or call for service. For Plowz, call 1-800-489-8128. For Eden call 651-447-7177. One downside of calling instead of using a smartphone or computer: customers miss out on notifications that the job is in progress or completed as well as photos proving that it is done.

Plowz costs about $45 to plow an average 2-car driveway. Steps and sidewalks are an additional $20 to $30. It covers an area within a 45 mile radius of Minneapolis or St. Paul. More than 450 active trucks service the area for Plowz, said co-owner Wills Mahoney.

Toronto-based Eden costs about $40 for the average driveway plus $20 for sidewalks and steps. The company services areas up to 50 miles out of the Minneapolis St. Paul city core, said Eden CEO Ben Zlotnick.

Both companies offer 10% off for first time customers. At Plowz use coupon code 10POFF and at Eden use WELCOME10.

"We see many more orders when a city gets back to back snowfalls," said Zlotnick. "Homeowners seem willing to take them on themselves when they're 30 days apart."

The good news about either service is that you don't have to order it until you see measurable snow on your driveway. On the other hand, if you order while the snow's still falling, you may get stuck doing it twice.

Want more options for snow removal? Try the following:

Senior Linkage Line: 1-800-333-2433

Hennepin County: Senior Community Services (952-746-4046)

Dakota County: Dakota Area Resources and Transportation (651-455-1560)

Anoka County: Anoka County Community Action Program (763-783-4767)

Churches, temples, mosques: Ask about volunteer groups that may be of assistance.

Craigslist: Under "services" search for "snow removal"

Neighborhood youth