Fox Sports had a conference call with reporters on Wednesday. Of the four analysts on the call -- Jimmy Johnson, Troy Aikman, John Lynch and Randy Moss (yes, the mega media mothership has grown to the point where even Randy Moss has hopped on board) -- only the SuperFreak gave the Vikings any serious shot at being the NFC North team that could unseat the Packers as division champion in 2013.

Said Moss: "I think the Minnesota Vikings have a good shot with contending with Green Bay for the division. Green Bay is very strong, and really nobody in that division should be able to compete with them. But Minnesota has been steady on defense. They've made some acquisitions at wide receiver. And, of course, you know the MVP [Adrian Peterson]. It's really on [Christian] Ponder. If I could pick any of the three (other teams in the division), it would be the Minnesota Vikings, depending on the year Ponder has. I think coach Leslie Frazier will have them ready." As far as crossing over what was sometimes enemy lines and joining the media as an analyst, the former Viking and recently retired receiver said: "It's definitely been eye-opening for me, to be in a different work environment. I'm enjoying every second of it. It's a work in progress. These guys (the other analysts) were once rookies. They had to climb their way to where they are right now. Each and every day I try to go in and learning something every day. It's challenging for me. I'm accepting the challenge of trying to learn something new in my life."