Not that the Suburbs need an excuse to return to First Avenue, a club that has survived as many incarnations and music-biz trends as the band itself. However, Chan Poling thinks he and his group have a pretty good reason to be playing there Friday for the first time in three years.

"We're ready to kick off what I think is going to be another great run for this band," the Suburbs frontman said, referring to the fact that there's a new album in the can ready for release later this year.

Titled "Hey Muse," the record is the new wavy dance-rock band's first LP since 2013's well-received "Si Sauvage" — which ended a 25-year recording lull in the Suburbs' discography. It will also be the "Love Is the Law" hitmakers' first album without co-founder Beej Chaney, who left the band due to health issues in 2013. Younger guitar wiz Jeremy Ylvisaker came aboard in the interim.

"I'll always miss Beej," Poling said, "but I'm very proud of this new lineup and what we did with this record. It's really a full-on rock record fueled by the chemistry Steve [Brantseg, the Suburbs' other guitarist] and Jeremy have developed."

Look for a 7-inch single for Record Store Day, April 22, to preview the new album. Poling also thinks they'll play four of the new songs in Friday's set, which will be followed by a longer release party, probably over the summer.

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