Two lucky winners are holding $1 million lottery tickets after the Minnesota State Lottery announced the winners of its New Year's Day raffle.

The winning numbers were sold at a Superpumper convenience store in Crookston and the Voyageur Short Stop in Ely. The State Lottery has been running the Minnesota Millionaire Raffle every new year since 2006. It sells a limited number of tickets — this year was capped at 700,000 — and announces the winning numbers on its website.

"It's kind of a special game because it is getting to be a tradition for some people," said Marie Hinton, a spokeswoman for the State Lottery. "They'll go out and get a ticket or buy them as a gift and it can be a fun way to wake up on New Year's Day and check."

The tickets went on sale near the end of October and were sold out by Dec. 14, taking a few days longer to sell out than in 2017, Hinton said.

"How long they last kind of depends on the weather and what the other jackpots are up to, but the tickets still haven't ever lasted until December 31st."

The raffle also sold five tickets worth $100,000.

Since 2006, the raffle has raised just more than $32 million for the state government's operating funds.