I went to a wedding yesterday. Everything about it was beautiful. Except the weather. Man, did I get an earful. "I didn't think you'd show up!" Nice to see you too. "Can't you stop the rain, Paul?" Yes, but it's really expensive.

Why do people blame meteorologists for weather they don't like? Where does this pathology originate? Saturday's monsoon (Tropical Storm Betty?) forced me to become a reluctant weather therapist. "At least it's not snow!" and "Hey, no drought this summer!" I sputtered, to no avail.

Springs are trending wetter across Minnesota and yesterday was Exhibit A. Last week may have been the wettest seven-day stretch of 2017 with 3-5 inch rains — over 7 inches in a few spots.

No more super-soakers, but spotty showers pop up today into Tuesday, followed by a warming trend. Seventies will feel like a revelation by late week. A few T-showers may sprout Friday and Saturday, but a drier sky should return for Sunday and Memorial Day.

It's a holiday — what can possibly go wrong?