Early Monday, a man attempted to use a credit card to buy a few items at a Superamerica store on Old Hudson Road near White Bear Avenue in St. Paul, according to a police report.

The register, however, showed that the card was stolen and the purchase was denied. Police say that the man's girlfriend then used cash to pay for the items and the couple left the store, going to a nearby motel.

The story, though, doesn't end there.

Store employees contacted police to tell them about the attempted use of a stolen card. They also told police about the motel. Here is the head-scratching part: Police were able to track down what hotel room the man and woman were staying in by matching the name from a rewards card he used with a name registered to the motel.

That's right. Police found the man in his motel room because he used his actual rewards card to earn points for a purchase he first attempted with a stolen credit card.

The 34-year-old was booked into to the Ramsey County Jail for felony unauthorized use of a credit card.