The Wisconsin man was caught on camera breaking into his ex-wife's Shoreview home, prosecutors say. But it's what investigators said they found in his car and apartment that was truly chilling — a stun gun, newly purchased firearms, a "kidnapping kit" and a detailed plan to "blitz," "gag" and "box her."

Ramsey County prosecutors have charged Nathan James Homme, 39, of Altoona, Wis., with attempted kidnapping and first-degree burglary in the March 13 break-in, which was captured on a home surveillance system.

Homme was arrested Tuesday and made his first court appearance Thursday.

Ramsey County Undersheriff Jeff Ramacher said that "proactive police work" prevented what could have been a tragic outcome.

"The facts outlined in the complaint speak to the seriousness of this case and our actions reflect the priority that we placed on this investigation," he said in a written statement.

According to court files, Homme and his wife divorced in 2017. The ex-wife, who had previously sought a restraining order, told investigators that tensions seemed to be escalating and that she feared for her safety and that of their son and daughter.

During a search of Homme's car, sheriff's investigators found syringes, $5,300 in cash and receipts for two newly purchased shotguns.

When they executed a search warrant Wednesday at Homme's apartment, they found two shotguns, a handgun and what prosecutors described as a "kidnapping kit" — a large box filled with rope, binoculars, latex gloves, duct tape, handcuffs, a blindfold, garbage bags, screwdriver and a holster.

According to the charges, a notebook in the kitchen contained what investigators described as a plan scrawled in a shorthand: "duct tape, hand cuff, blow torch, nails, garbage bags, my fresh clothes." It continued with "House-code, shoes off, bedroom blitz, dt gag, handcuff, legs, hood + pillow, h-bag. Security — how many camera's."

One line reads "Box her in truck," "Drop off Element" — his ex-wife drives that model of vehicle — and concludes with "change clothes," according to the charges. Hand-drawn maps show the victim's Shore­view home and a landfill and lake in Superior, Wis.

The notebook also contains what appears to be a script: "The lengths I go to, to have a conversation with you … I have some things I want to say and then we're done."

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