We are grateful beyond measure that the citizens of Minneapolis chose to vote "Yes" to the Strong Schools, Strong City referendum. This vote is a testimony from this city about how much we value our children, their education and the future citizens of the 21st century. It is a vote of confidence in the hard work the people in the Minneapolis School District, our communities, our families and our students are engaged in.

Very few communities in this country, in this economy, at this critical moment, could have made this happen. The people chose to reach into their pockets and agree to raise their property taxes, and we are humbled by their decision. That's why we pledge to remain accountable throughout our work and financial management and distribution of referendum funds. We continue our pledge to be as transparent and accountable as possible in the way we make financial decisions throughout the Minneapolis public schools.

The choice Minneapolis voters made speaks volumes about a value we hold dear: the right for all children to have equal access to a high-quality public education. While we have not yet reached our destination, we are on a shared mission to advance our goals to raise student achievement, close the achievement gap and ensure every graduate of the Minneapolis public schools is college-ready.
William D. Green, superintendent, Minneapolis public schools