Not to be overlooked in the chaos of Monday night was the Vikings' first touchdown early in the second half. Kyle Rudolph hauled in a pass in the end zone from Case Keenum, and several Minnesota players sat in a circle as a celebration began.

Rudolph began walking around each of them, playing the game that many Minnesotans know as "duck, duck, gray duck."

Much of the country calls this game "duck, duck, goose." Those people, especially those who live in Wisconsin, are sick and wrong.

Unfortunately, Rudolph did not grow up here. He was born in Ohio and went to Notre Dame. He could clearly be heard yelling "goose!" as he tapped center Pat Elflein on the head. The ESPN announcers also referred to it as "duck, duck, goose."

The only debate I am willing to embrace is whether it is spelled "gray" or "grey." The rest is so obvious that it's not even worth the time or effort.

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