St. Paul city leaders say the Ford plant site in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul is an incredible opportunity for developers.

Mayor Chris Coleman along with St. Paul city councilman Chris Tolbert held a news conference at the site to highlight the upcoming sale of the nearly 130 acres, which will go on the market in a year.

"This is a remarkable piece of riverfront property in an irreplaceable location ... close to two thriving downtowns and an international airport in the heart of one of the country's premiere neighborhoods," Tolbert said.

The initial demolition phase is complete, according to Coleman.

Both Tolbert and Mayor Coleman said they are eager to work with developers to create a plan for the old Ford plant land.

"What we are really announcing is that between now and when the site goes up for sale ... the work that we do now with the community process, with the rezoning is a really intense year of activity," Coleman said. "This is the year of refining and defining the vision for the site."