Hi Star Tribune readers!

I am one of your Minnesotan Olympians competing in the Ladies 1000m Olympic Long Track Speedskating event this month on the 18th.  Competing in the Olympics has been a life long dream and what a journey it has been.  Through blood, sweat, tears, surgery, injury, failure and success I'm finally here today in Vancouver, Canada. In fact, I just arrived with my team today.  This past month since Olympic trials I focused more on preparing and training I haven't really celebrated the fact that I will be representing Team USA.  It didn't hit me until my team and I were guided off the plane and handed our credentials today.  I've had a huge grin on my face since!

Well Star Tribune readers, I'm most excited to update you throughout the Games.  I would like to invite you to two websites: www.facebook.com/pages/Rebekah-Bradford/264501848169and www.beyondtheultimate.org/athletes/Rebekah-Bradford.aspx


Happy reading, stay warm and thank you for your support!