Anglers for Habitat

Since January a new coalition of angling groups formed for the purpose of giving anglers a shared voice; quite an ambitious undertaking. It's not as if fisherpersons don't have opinions, but to publicly announce them might just rock the boat. Here in Minnesota, fishing has never been a rollicking controversial subject; but anglers having a voice just might take some getting use to.

Avoiding controversy isn't easy, keeping political matters under your hat is sound advice. For angling activists to get policical means supporting some legislators and trying to get some unelected. In a world is full of fishing experts, pushing or opposing legislation they can all agree on is like making sausage, you really don't want to know how it is done, just so it tastes great when it's done. We will need to take care of our friends who are in office and try to get the others who aren't onboard with us.

With the passage of new sales tax dollars benefiting the outdoors, lots of folks are getting in line for the big bucks. The anglers I know; all had big dreams of how we would spend the dollars. Restoring aquatic habitat in lakes, slowing down the spread of invasive's, fixing and improving boat ramps, adding parking and God forbid a few Porta-Potties. As the Minnesota DNR's budget dwindles due to budget cuts, who is left out there to monitor habitat? We need a strong focus on acquiring Aquatic Management Areas, improved: home/ cabin, lake association - shoreline management and enforcement, and coordination with other outdoors groups to protect and restore our lakes and streams.

Much of this will require finding the funds to do the work; all of our futures are in the hands of a few key Senators and State Representatives. Anglers will need to be in the front row of legislative hearings, they will need to learn the benefits from contacting legislators. We need to get better at sending emails, attending functions and making phone calls. Usually it is a small group of people who get things done, if anglers aren't part of the process we won't see the solutions that we want. Our Mission:

Anglers for Habitat (AFH) is an emerging non-profit statewide alliance of anglers who have participated in past annual DNR Fisheries Roundtables. AFH brings together bass, walleye, muskie, northern pike, trout, panfish and bow fishing anglers, along with lakeshore associations, environmental and conservation groups. Our Mission: Anglers for Habitat is dedicated to the preservation and improvement of aquatic habitat, clean water and fishing in Minnesota.

Through this coalition, Minnesota anglers can find common ground and speak with a united voice in matters affecting aquatic habitat, rules&regulations, conservation and sport fishing with the State legislature and Minnesota DNR. Anglers realize that poor watershed management, lakeshore development, run-off and pollution have a tremendous effect on fish populations and habitat. Our collective concern is with clean water, healthy lakes and rivers, and passing on to future generations Minnesota's rich legacy of fishing.

Historically, small single-species groups and concerned citizens have been working with the DNR and state and local agencies to reverse the habitat loss occurring from unsound lakeshore development and shoreline management. They have accomplished much: alternative shoreline management rules, a 25 year Aquatic Management and acquisition plan, and development of whole lake plans, especially as they relate to lake vegetation and preventing the spread of invasive exotics. But a handful of concerned citizens and fishing organizations can only do so much; it is our vision that our coalition can put more oars in the water for habitat.

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