Q: Our dog begs at the dinner table. How can we get him to stop?

A: It's hard to resist sharing your meal with your dog when he looks up at you with those pleading eyes, but begging at the table can quickly become a problem. Try these tips:

Be consistent. Do not give in when your dog begs you. Ignore the begging all the time, and make sure friends and family members do the same. Consistency is the key to changing your dog's behavior.

Feed your dog before yourself. That way, your dog won't be hungry and will be more likely to settle down.

Teach basic skills. Another way to manage your dog during mealtimes is to teach him to sit, down and stay. This alternative behavior can be used to deter begging.

Reward good behavior. If he has been well-behaved throughout the meal, then take that one last bite of meat and put it in his dish — not directly into his mouth from the table. Your dog will learn this routine and might start to wait by his dish for a treat.

American Kennel Club