Hottest 0-2 seats

Details of the crassest prop bet in sports were delivered to e-mail inboxes Monday morning as 11 NFL coaches woke up 0-2. had updated its odds on which coaches were in the most trouble coming off a couple of stinkers. Seems slimy, but, hey, here you go:

Adam Gase, Jets — 1/1 (+100)

Dan Quinn, Falcons — 3/1 (+300)

Vic Fangio, Broncos — 9/2 (+450)

Mike Zimmer, Vikings — 6/1 (+600)

Matt Patricia, Lions — 8/1 (+800)

Bill O Brien, Texans — 12/1 (+1200)

Field, any other — 18/1 (+1800)

The name that looks out of place is Zimmer. Yeah, things are bleak in Minnesota now, but this seems like a premature escalation of the situation. Especially when you consider he's a safer bet than Patricia, who's 9-24-1 with no playoff appearances and a league-high 11-game losing streak.