The children of mothers with diabetes may be at increased risk for early heart disease. Researchers used Danish national health registries that included 2.4 million children. The absolute risk of heart disease among people younger than 40 is small, but that risk was 29% higher among offspring of diabetic women than among the children of mothers without diabetes. Diabetes before pregnancy was associated with a 34% increased relative risk of cardiovascular disease among offspring and gestational diabetes with a 19% increased risk. The study, in BMJ, is an observational study.

IRS letter over health insurance saved lives

Three years ago, 3.9 million Americans received a letter from the IRS stating they had paid a fine for not carrying health insurance and suggesting ways to get coverage.

Three Treasury Department economists found that the bureaucratic mailing saved lives. Obtaining insurance, they say, reduced premature deaths by an amount that exceeded their expectations. Americans ages 45 to 64 benefited the most: For every 1,648 who received a letter, one fewer death occurred than among those who hadn't received a letter. The researchers estimated that the letters may have saved 700 lives.

Sarah Miller of the University of Michigan said, "This is a randomized controlled trial. It's a really high standard of evidence that you can't just dismiss."

The uninsured rate for Americans is rising for the first time in a decade as the Trump administration cuts back on health care outreach.

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