Your flight isn't the only ride to consider; there's also getting to and from the airport, and options for that are growing.

Parking your own car: While MSP builds a larger parking ramp, the general ramp remains open. Another option is the Quick Ride Ramp, just off Post Road and Hwy. 5. Park your car, wait for a shuttle to arrive (usually before you're even out of your car) and hop aboard for a quick jaunt to Terminal 1. It costs $14 a day, compared with $24 a day for general parking. Calculate and compare costs of various parking options at MSP.

Uber and Lyft: The long-held practice is now officially sanctioned: App-driven car ride companies such as Uber and Lyft can now legally pick up and drop off at MSP. Drivers must meet a few standards — proof of insurance, a car no more than 10 years old that has been inspected by an approved vendor, a permit that costs $25 and a decal displayed in the car window — and pay a surcharge of $3 each way.