General Mills has joined nine other food companies in addressing climate before a large United Nations gathering on the issue later this year.
In a letter to U.S. and global leaders, the food companies' CEOs say that if action isn't taken now, "we risk not only today's livelihoods, but those of future generations."
The companies note that climate change is a menace to the world's food production system. "Climate change is bad for farmers and agriculture," the letter says. "Drought, flooding and hotter growing conditions threaten the world's food supply and contribute to food insecurity."
The companies include Nestle USA, Unilever, Kellogg, Stonyfield Farm, Danone Dairy North America, Ben & Jerry's (which is owned by Unilever), Clif Bar, Mars Inc. and New Belgium Brewing Company. The letter marks the first time the food industry has come together to address climate change.
In December, world leaders are scheduled to meet in Paris for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The goal of the 11-day event is to reach a new international agreement on climate change with the aim of tamping down global warming.
The food companies say they will "re-energize" their efforts to ensure that their supply chains become more sustainable and will advocate for government to set "clear, achievable, measurable and enforceable science-based targets for carbon emission reductions."
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