For most homeowners, the garage is the black hole of their home’s universe. Unwanted items from all other areas of the house are pulled in, stacked and forgotten — until one day you open the door, look in and realize you can’t see from one side to the other. If this sounds familiar to you, a garage storage system could transform your dark abyss into an attractive, orderly space that you might even enjoy spending time in.

Storage should be a multipronged attack: The art of storing things in your garage is first and foremost an organizational issue. The reason most garages look so bad is that there simply isn’t anywhere to put anything, short of stacking it against the wall. By taking advantage of all available space and introducing a number of efficient storage solutions, you can transform the state of your garage overnight.

Start with cabinetry: Cabinet-based garage storage systems are the most popular place to start. Cabinets serve several purposes. For starters, they have shelves, and shelves provide a home for your tools, paints, camping equipment and other belongings. Further, since everything has a place, it will be easier to keep the garage clean, so long as you take the time to put things back where you found them. The other big benefit of installing cabinetry in your garage is that cabinets have doors. You’d be amazed how improved your garage looks when you’re able to hide your mess behind a thin piece of particle board, wood or stainless steel.

Look into overhead garage storage: The second area that is too often overlooked when it comes to developing a garage storage system is right above you. Taking advantage of all that unused overhead garage storage space can also work wonders when it comes to organizing your black hole. Hanging baskets, also referred to as loft storage, can be installed from one end of your garage ceiling to the other — providing tons of new storage space for coolers, luggage and outdoor gear. Worried your garage door might get in the way? Don’t. There are even overhead garage storage systems built specifically to make use of that dead space between your garage door and the ceiling.

Consider pulley systems for bikes, boats and campers: Another innovative product is a pulley system for larger items such as bicycles, canoes and even truck toppers and larger boats. Overhead hooks have long been a favorite of professional garage organizers. These pulley systems expand on that idea and make it much easier for the homeowner to raise or lower the stored object with the use of a rope and pulley.

Why stop with storage? Once you’ve decided invest in garage storage, you might want to consider making a few other upgrades while you’re at it. Adding a garage floor coating to go with your new cabinets, and even installing a new garage heater, will create a space where you’ll actually enjoy spending time.