You probably don't have 7,000 tulips blooming in your back yard. In fact, you probably don't have one. That's why a trip to the Spring Flower Show at Como's Marjorie McNeely Conservatory might be in order. Starting Saturday, the Sunken Garden will be abloom with more tulips than would probably fit in your back yard. They'll also have a few thousand daffodils and hyacinths, accented with snapdragons, irises, ranunculus, hydrangeas, freesias and lilies. If the sight and sweet, sweet smell of all those flowers isn't enough to lure you, there also will be gardener talks, as well as family activities such as storytelling, games and take-home crafts as part of the Spring Fling on Saturday and Sunday. For more information, go to


We're quickly losing our snowpack, but don't be in a hurry to pull protective winter mulch back from most of your plants. The freezes and thaws common in early spring can damage the fragile crowns of plants. So unless you have bulbs trying to push their way up through the mulch, leave the mulch in place for at least a few more weeks.


The new PaintRemedy iPhone application identifies common painting problems on interior and exterior surfaces and taps into information on how to solve them, and prevent them in the future. Developed by the Paint Quality Institute, the free app visualizes information previously available on its website; download it at


This blog subtitles itself "the true story of two newlyweds from the city making a life, home, family in the country." The city being Kalamazoo, Mich. Blogger Jen Ross - who attended St. Olaf and graduate school at the University of Minnesota -- chronicles the couple's work as they renovate their home. You'll enjoy the monthly to-do lists, and their energy may inspire you.


Would you air your dirty laundry -- or at least stories about your loved one's bad clutter problem -- for a chance to win an in-home organizing visit or a $50 gift card from an online organizing supply store? Submit a photo and information about his or her worst mess at; there's information there on how to tweet to win a gift card, too. Spill the info, fast, though. The contest ends just before 10 p.m. on March 24.


Every year there's a host of hot new plants. We help you pick the cream of the crop.