Former WCCO-AMer Jeff McKinney shot to international fame Tuesday after he inadvertently photo-bombed Anthony Weiner's latest sexting news conference.

It should be easy to pick out the words in the above sentence that tell you the last element this scene needed was anything popping up in the background.

McKinney, who now works for WOR in New York, was late getting to this news conference about the latest self-inflicted injury to Weiner's reputation.

"I didn't realize I was becoming famous as I stood there, taking notes and doing whatever I was doing," McKinney told WCCO radio Tuesday. McKinney took up residence in the cubicle because that was the only available spot, at what must have been a very crowded news conference.

Twitter erupted about "Cubicle Guy," as he stood behind Hillary Clinton adviser Huma Abedin, while this very private wife attempted to salvage her husband's political career and his campaign to be mayor of New York City.

Turns out that after Weiner came clean about sexting women, resigned from Congress, expressed regret that he humiliated his wonderful wife, appeared to open vein in an April New York Times magazine interview, he continued this racy sexting behavior.

If sexting strange women is a stress response for Weiner, he's got no business running for mayor of NYC, a job that can't be anything but stressful.

Weiner claims he won't stop this campaign, but he will. Someone will tell him he should get tired of being a regular in the late night monologues about this sex scandal that so far doesn't look as if it involved any fornicating.

Satirist Lizz Winstead, co-creator of "The Daily Show," reminded me today on Twitter of a rule she has that should govern Weiner's thinking. "As I have said before, you can either send weiner shots or be a politician. But you can't do both. Pick one," she wrote.