CHICAGO — Three days after giving Drew Maggi the thrill of his 11-year professional career by calling him up to the major leagues, the Twins administered some cold-hearted disappointment, demoting him back to Class AAA St. Paul without allowing him to take part in a game.

Twins manager Rocco Baldelli broke the news to Maggi on Monday, and "he handled everything great, like he handles everything," the manager said after Andrelton Simmons rejoined the team and was restored from the restricted list. "I know he's going to be the most disappointed in that, but he didn't show it in a big way. I was disappointed, too."

Baldelli had said Saturday of the emotional meeting in which he and coach Tommy Watkins informed Maggi that he was being added to the major-league roster, "These are among the best moments in our game." Maggi, 32, said he was overwhelmed with hundreds of texts and calls, and "I've been crying all day" after informing his parents, brothers and friends that he would finally wear a major-league uniform.

So couldn't the manager find a way to insert the utility player, who has played four seasons in Class AA and four at Class AAA and spent all of last season toiling at the team's alternate site, into one of the Twins' two losses in Toronto?

"Not in those two games. There's nothing more than I would have liked than to get him in there," Baldelli said. "In those two particular games, he almost made it in there to do a couple of different things for us. But they didn't play out in that direction."

Baldelli said he believes Maggi will earn another chance. "I don't think he's going to stop on his quest to get to the big leagues," he said. "I'll bet on him getting back here and getting out on the field and doing something."