The National Republican Congressional Committee has released the first members of its Patriot Program —an incumbent-protection program that offers fundraising and other help — and Minnesota’s most vulnerable House freshman is not on the list.

Rep. Chip Cravaack, who won his Eighth District seat in a close upset in 2010, was not among the 10 House Republicans included the NRCC’s program.

Cravaack is considered one of the most vulnerable freshmen Republicans in 2012, as he represents a district that went Democratic for more than 60 years.

National interest in Cravaack’s district has already emerged, as Democratic and Republican groups have lobbed ads and dollars back and forth over Medicare.

But redistricting could change the make-up of his district — and the Minnesota GOP has proposed a plan that takes DFL-heavy Duluth out of his district. National Republicans also pointed out that the NRCC program will be expanding as districts become more concrete and the election draws closer.

One potential issue for Cravaack is his own first-quarter numbers: He has raised less than eight of the 10 House members on the list.

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