News emerged last week that Brett Favre needs surgery on his left ankle in order to play in 2010 after being injured on a high-low hit by Remi Ayodele and Bobby McCray in the Vikings loss to the Saints in the NFC Championship game.

Favre absorbed a number of big blows by a Saints defense that clearly wanted to pound on the 40-year-old quarterback to disrupt him. Favre was in obvious pain in the locker room after the game as he went through all the different body parts that ached as a group of reporters stood and listened.

McCray hit Favre low on the play when he was injured, but he did not receive a penalty. The NFL later acknowledged that McCray should have been called for a personal foul.

Vikings coach Brad Childress did an interview with NFL Network recently and was asked whether he was angered by the way the Saints defense "attacked" Favre.

"I have questions on calls that I felt like weren't kosher and Brett's been doing it for a while as well," he said. "But we're not going sit back and moan about it. It is what it is. It's behind us. But we're wiser for it."

Childress did not elaborate, but it's safe to assume the Vikings expect the Saints to take a similar approach when they play in the Sept. 9 season opener in New Orleans. That, of course, also assumes that Favre will be on the field for his 20th season, which most expect to happen despite news that he needs ankle surgery. has a link to the entire Childress interview.