Introduction: Host Michael Rand wonders if Boston, which just took a 3-0 NBA Finals lead on Dallas with a road win Wednesday, could be the model for the Timberwolves to follow. The Celtics had a very good roster last year, but they shook things up with two big trades that have them on the cusp of a title. Does Minnesota need a similar approach this offseason after reaching the Western Conference finals?

7:00: Bobby Nightengale joins Rand for a look at the Twins, who had a 17-run outburst against Colorado in a win on Wednesday. They've been stuck in a cycle of up and down this year, mostly based on their competition. As the summer rolls along and they start considering what it might take to win in the playoffs, what spots need to be shored up the most?

30:00: Aaron Rodgers just doesn't want to be there.

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