Sad sacks

The Vikings took six sacks on Sunday, all in Buccaneers territory. Four of them came on third or fourth down.

First quarter

No. 1: 8-yard loss on third-and-4. Ball goes from 32 to 40 and forces punt.

Second quarter

No. 2: 6-yard loss on third-and-7. Ball goes from 11 to 17. Field goal try missed.

Fourth quarter

No. 3: 12-yard loss (sack-recovered fumble) on second-and-goal. Ball goes from 8 to 20.

No. 4: Next play, 8-yard loss on third-and-goal. Ball goes from 20 to 28. Field goal try missed.

No. 5: 10-yard loss on second-and-3. Ball goes from 38 to 48.

No. 6: Two players later, 8-yard loss (sack-lost fumble) on fourth-and-13 from 48. Final offensive play of game for Vikings.