How common are the common birds in our yards and neighborhoods? These are the birds we see every day, usually without paying particular attention.


Bob Holtz, a Roseville birder, pays attention. He most recently finally had a day without seeing or hearing a crow — after a string of 789 consecutive days when he did. That’s over 26 months of at least one crow per day. Most of the crows were seen or heard in or from his yard. He also used sightings while on errands. Bob thought his string likely would end on a rainy day. Instead, his run concluded Aug. 29, a fine sunny crow-less day.


This was Bob’s second effort at a consecutive sightings. Beginning in 2014 he saw at least one chickadee a day for 675 days in a row. 


He says crows are bigger but not necessarily easier to see / hear.


This American Crow was sitting for a portrait.