THE BUZZ The NFL offered displaced Super Bowl fans a third option of $5,000 or reimbursement of expenses. If fans hold out long enough, they might own the Bills.

REMOTE PATROL Coming off its huge win over then-No. 1 Ohio State, Wisconsin looks to keep momentum going at Purdue. NCAA seeding implications? (5:30, BTN).

Click pick The site has an interview with the Twins' Joe Mauer. His contract and his sideburns are among the topics.

STAR GAZING Michael Vick is going on with Oprah on Feb. 24. By the time Plaxico Burress is ready for his tale of redemption, to whom will he be opening up?

FAST FACT Hall of Famers in their respective sports Bill Russell and Stan Musial were among 15 honorees given the Medal of Freedom at a ceremony Tuesday.