1. What is the coldest temperature ever measured in Minnesota?

2. What's a "snow eater"?

3. What weather factor mainly determines the shape of a snowflake?

4. Which Minnesota town has the lowest prospects for a white Christmas?

5. What's the latest spring date with a measurable snowfall?

6. What are the odds of snow falling on Valentine's Day?

7. What was the warmest Groundhog Day reported in the Twin Cities?


1. -60 F in Tower, St. Louis County, on Feb. 2, 1996.

2. Weather that accelerates the meltdown of snow cover.

3. The air temperature

4. Springfield, with a 60 percent chance.

5. On June 4, 1935, 1.5 inches of snow fell on Mizpah in Koochiching County.

6. About one in four.

7. In 1991, the temperature was 48 degrees on Feb. 2. (Wheaton, however, hit 66 degrees that day.)

Source: Minnesota Weather Almanac, authored by Mark Seeley.