Introduction: Host Michael Rand watched the new-look NHL on TNT on Wednesday and came away with a positive outlook. There's something about the production quality on TNT that has always been high, and the channel has had massive success with its NBA studio show. If it can keep working to brand the NHL the same way — having Charles Barkley playing goalie for Wayne Gretzky on Wednesday's debut was a good start — the league will be in good hands.

5:00: Jason Gurwin from The Streamable joins the show for an update on where we stand with fans' ability — and inability — to watch Bally Sports North. Subscribers to Hulu and YouTube TV have been without BSN (formerly Fox Sports North) for about a year now, and there's no relief in sight. What we need now is a recalibration of our expectations. The problem is that for cord-cutters who don't want an expensive cable or satellite package, any sort of direct-to-consumer app offering a full package of in-market games they want doesn't seem to be on the immediate horizon. So viewers are stuck between the recent past and the distant future.

18:00: Rand gives some expanded thoughts on how the TV question ties into the question of legal sports gambling, while answering several reader emails from the larger story he wrote Sunday about the explosion of sports betting nationwide and what it means for Minnesota. He also shares some personal experiences about betting on offshore apps, something that is widespread.

29:00: If you're not watching the WNBA right now, you're missing out.

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