It was announced Friday that Minnesota's own Bob Dylan will perform Tuesday, May 19, on the next-to-last episode of "The Late Show With David Letterman." It's his first appearance on the show since 1993. He did the "Late Night" program twice, including a prime-time special where he did "Like a Rolling Stone."

So what will he perform during this historical appearance? Dylan has been sticking by a fairly steady set this past year, barely digging into his classics, but he may mix it up for the occasion. We asked staff members their predictions:

Rohan Preston, theatre critic: ""Mr. Tambourine Man" (I like the' play one more for me' line)

Chris Riemenschneider, music critic: He's been ending his shows of late with 'Stay With Me' which is actually perfect for the occassion. (Excellent choice, although perhaps a bit of a let down)

Tim Campbell, A&E editor: agress it will be a Sinatra tune.

Jon Bream, music critic: Thinks 'Forever Young' is too obvious and sentimental. He's betting on "Blowin' in the Wind' because it works on so many levels.

Neal Justin, TV critic: Color me sentimental.I'm going with Forever Young.

You can find out for yourself what he chooses on Tuesday with special guest Bill Murray.