Vikings coach Leslie Frazier stopped short of saying Joe Webb will start Monday night against the Bears, but he did acknowledge that the rookie quarterback will take the first-team reps in practice this week. Brett Favre basically said he won't be healthy enough to play and Patrick Ramsey will likely serve as the backup after signing on Wednesday. That means Webb, who has had very few practice reps this season and played wide receiver two weeks ago, likely will start under less than ideal circumstances Monday night. "Just in talking with Joe, he's really excited about the opportunity," Frazier said. "He can't wait to line up and play and have a chance to start if that happens. He's not running away from it. We have confidence that he can get it done. We've got other players around him. That's one thing that I told Joe and told our team; we've got a lot of good players on this team. It's not like it's going to be all Joe Webb. Our offense, our defense, our special teams; everybody involved is going to have to help and support Joe. He's excited about it and we're excited about the fact he may end up starting." Webb said he feels comfortable with the offense even though he essentially hasn't worked with the starters in practice this season. The Vikings almost certainly will pare the game plan and tailor it to Webb's strengths. "I feel like it's my job to study the playbook and to learn everything," he said. "If there are just one or two plays that I don't like, then of course I would tell them I'm not very comfortable, but it's my job to study the playbook and to be ready for whatever they call."

Webb fully expects to see a lot of blitzes and pressure from the Bears early to see how he responds. "I believe they will try and bring pressure just to rattle me a little bit and just to see how I perform under it," he said. "But that's my part to study film and see what kind of pressure I think they will bring me and execute on it.

"I mean, it's a great opportunity. Monday Night Football, you can't get no better than that. You've been dreaming about that ever since you've been a little kid. Watching the game ever since you've been a little kid and now I'm probably going to be a part of it, (I'd) love to take advantage of it."