Parenting can be filled with self-doubt, second-guessing and guilt.  Are we doing enough? Are we doing too much? Is this right? Is this wrong?  Are they even listening? 

Some days feel like they are full of tears, defiance, potty jokes and sibling spats, 

Then our kids will say or do something out of the blue that makes you stop and think  “Hey. We must be doing something right.” 

A few of those moments have happened to co-blogger May and I lately:
From May
Maya, 4, went out to dinner with us to a friend’s place and piped up: “Compliments to the chef!”
Zoe, 6, called her grandma on the phone and offered to sing a song at her July 4th fireworks party (A-M-E-R-I-C-A…I love America everyday)
A few from my kids: 
Ben, 4, tugged on my sleeve and said. “Mommy, my favorite singer is Ewwa Fitzgewawd.” (he’s  still working on his L’s)   She's on heavy rotation on the  iPod. Seems to have rubbed off on him.
Vivian, 2.5,  told me she wanted to go visit our homebound senior neighbors. “Because sometimes they are sad and I want to make them happy.”   
Recently I picked her up from the playroom at the YMCA.The childcare attendant said, "It was so sweet, whenever Vivian saw another child standing alone, she would ask them to come color or play puzzles with her."  
 And yes, perhaps  they just figure these things out on their own. But hopefully in these whirlwind days of parenting something one of us is trying to teach them  is actually coming through.  Even if they do call their sibling a poopydoodoostinkyface from time to time .
What has your child done lately that has made you stop and say " We must be doing something right!?"