Fox's broadcast of Sunday's Bears-Vikings game was marred by technical difficulties, including several blacked-out minutes at the end of the first half. The network missed the Vikings' third touchdown and went to its halftime show with more than a minute remaining in the half. "We started to experience issues with the signal to the transmission lines into the truck and when we lost the signal, immediately tried to reboot the entire process to get the signal back as soon as we possibly could," Fox spokesman Dan Bell told the Chicago Tribune. "We understand that it is unacceptable and we apologize everyone who was watching this game."

MANO-A-MANO: Vikings punter Jeff Locke vs. Bears return man Devin Hester

Who won? Locke averaged 56.7 yards and there were no returns by Hester at all. So Locke won the battle. But Hester was unstoppable on kickoff returns in Chicago's victory, so he won the war.

PLAY OF THE GAME: Last chance to win it

The Bears trailed 30-24 with 16 seconds remaining in the game, and had third-and-10 at the Vikings 16. Quarterback Jay Cutler (6) found tight end Martellus Bennett (83) at the left pylon for the game-winning touchdown, as Vikings cornerback Chris Cook (20), clearly expecting help deep, arrived too late to prevent the completion.


"I think I put [Cook] in a bad spot, actually. You can put that one on me.''

— Vikings safety Harrison Smith