After a 78-84 season where they used 61 players, the Twins have a lot of decisions to make on next year's roster. Here's a look at the 53 who remained in the big picture as the season ended, with their ages:


Jorge Alcala, 27

Pitched twice opening weekend, then elbow injury wiped out what Twins hoped would be breakthrough year as setup man. He's still young, though.

Contract: Arbitration eligible (first year).

2023 outlook: Seventh inning, three times a week — if healthy.

Chris Archer, 34

Stayed healthy by pitching in thimble-sized doses, but 48 walks and 84 strikeouts in 102 innings mean he's probably not a starter anymore; Twins were 8-17 when he did.

Contract: Twins and Archer have $10 million mutual option, or $750,000 buyout.

2023 outlook: Shopping around for an invitation to spring training, or a broadcasting gig.

Jordan Balazovic, 24

An alarmingly bad season — 20 home runs, 35 walks and a 7.39 ERA in 70 Class AAA innings — for a former top pitching prospect, Twins must decide if second chance is worth roster spot.

Contract: Minor league.

2023 outlook: He's young, so try it again in St. Paul.

Dylan Bundy, 29

About twice a month, and throughout August, he looked like he had rekindled his career, but hitters feasted on his reduced velocity the rest of the time, smacking 24 homers.

Contract: Twins have $11 million option for 2023, or $1 million buyout.

2023 outlook: Likely to move on to another team desperate for pitching.

Danny Coulombe, 32

Off to a terrific start in the bullpen — a 0.75 ERA through May 10 — Coulombe's season was ruined by a hip injury that required labrum surgery in July.

Contract: Arbitration eligible (second year).

2023 outlook: Might not be ready for spring training, so roster spot in jeopardy.

Randy Dobnak, 27

Missed 4½ months because of the same finger injury as last year, so despite his long-term contract, he's not even on 40-man roster anymore.

Contract: Owed $1.5 million for third year of five-year deal.

2023 outlook: Proving he's healthy again, first in St. Paul.

Jhoan Duran, 24

Hardest-throwing pitcher in the majors was sensational in the bullpen, a worthwhile tradeoff, the Twins figure, for limiting the former starter to just 67 innings of work.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: 35 saves if Twins give him more than the eight save opportunities he got in 2022.

Blayne Enlow, 23

Another pitching prospect who took a step back (4.40 ERA at Class AA), Twins moved him to bullpen midway through the season, without much success.

Contract: Minor league.

2023 outlook: All depends upon whether he can reduce his 30-walks-in-57-innings trouble.

Michael Fulmer, 29

Put runners on base in 18 of his 26 appearances with Twins, not to mention an .874 OPS, not what the Twins had in mind when they traded for him at the deadline.

Contract: Free agent.

2023 outlook: Earned $5 million this year, so probably out of the Twins' price range for next.

Sonny Gray, 32

He became frustrated by Twins' quick hooks and his nagging hamstring pain, but a 2.38 ERA after the All-Star break shows he's still got head-of-the-staff status.

Contract: Twins have $12 million option for 2023.

2023 outlook: With full spring training, could be Opening Day starter.

Ronny Henriquez, 22

Far better in brief stint as long reliever in majors than as starter at St. Paul, but it's way too early to consign a young pitcher to such a limited role.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: Back at St. Paul, hoping to be first call up.

Griffin Jax, 27

Exhibit A for how switching to relief role can add jet fuel to repertoire, Capt. Jax was reborn in 2022, allowing fewer than half as many runs in only 10 fewer innings.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: He has earned a mid- to late-inning role.

Jorge Lopez, 29

How could an All-Star who went 19-for-23 in save situations for Baltimore convert only four of six for Twins, with an ERA more than twice as high? Critical for Twins to figure it out.

Contract: Arbitration eligible (second year).

2023 outlook: Fighting for bullpen role, but he's a plausible trade candidate, too.

Kenta Maeda, 34

Entire season spent rehabbing from Tommy John surgery in hopes of regaining his magical 2020 form. But at 35 next April, there are no guarantees.

Contract: Owed $3 million in final season of eight-year deal.

2023 outlook: Twins' third starter, and hoping for more.

Tyler Mahle, 28

Healthy starts after deadline acquisition were encouraging, but there were only two; his season was effectively over on Aug. 12. Will a winter of rest restore his durability?

Contract: Arbitration eligible (third year).

2023 outlook: Too good to give up on, but he'll be on handle-with-care plan.

Trevor Megill, 28

Can hit 100 mph and looked like a real find for two months, but he allowed 16 runs in his final 14 innings.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: Cheap and still promising, he likely gets another shot at middle-inning role.

Jovani Moran, 25

Up and down a lot, he displayed a priceless talent on such a fragile staff: Asked to pitch more than one inning 16 times, he allowed runs in only five, with 2.12 ERA.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: As a lefty, he's valuable Caleb Thielbar insurance for the bullpen.

Bailey Ober, 27

Three months lost to groin injury cost him chance to build off strong rookie season, but allowed only five runs in four starts upon return in September.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: Besides Joe Ryan, might be most likely to improve on staff.

Chris Paddack, 26

Twins coveted three seasons of control when they traded closer Taylor Rogers for him, but it was pipe dream: As other teams suspected, his elbow blew out after five so-so starts.

Contract: Arbitration eligible (second year).

2023 outlook: Targets mid-August return, costing Twins a winter roster spot if they keep him.

Emilio Pagan, 31

Over nine days in June, recorded seven outs in four games against Guardians and allowed 10 runs, sabotaging Twins' chance at opening big division lead. Fans booed ever after.

Contract: Arbitration eligible (third year).

2023 outlook: Figures to join sixth team in seven years.

Jhon Romero, 27

Waiver pickup a surprise addition to Opening Day roster, but lasted only two weeks before sore biceps shelved him for the year.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: Likely roster-crush victim, could get invitation to spring training.

Joe Ryan, 26

The Opening Day starter, he led the Twins in wins, innings and strikeouts, the first rookie ever to do that.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: Top of the rotation.

Aaron Sanchez, 30

Bailed them out with three respectable starts, but only one of his eight appearances was scoreless.

Contract: Free agent.

2023 outlook: Journeyman looking for another gig.

Cole Sands, 25

Organizational soldier had five different stints with Twins, but inexperience — never above Class AA ball until this year — showed until August.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: Needs another season at Class AAA.

Devin Smeltzer, 27

Impressive in four May spot starts, but Twins seemed to lose faith in him as season went on.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: Back on that Minneapolis/St. Paul shuttle for another season.

Cody Stashak, 28

Shoulder surgery cost him his role as a middle reliever after only 16 innings, and it might end his Twins career.

Contract: Arbitration eligible (first year).

2023 outlook: Only 72 innings in four seasons makes him likely DFA.

Caleb Thielbar, 35

Believe it or not, he's now 24th on Twins' all-time games-pitched list, and this year allowed only eight of 43 inherited runners to score.

Contract: Arbitration eligible (second year).

2023 outlook: Go-to lefty in pen, but considerably more expensive than this year's $1.3 million.

Louie Varland, 24

Two-time Twins Minor League Pitcher of the Year, he graduated to majors and had five encouraging starts.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: First shot among rookies at rotation spot.

Josh Winder, 25

Some impressive starts early, but wasn't the same after his annual two-month shoulder-impingement absence.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: Long reliever with a shot at doing more.

Simeon Woods Richardson, 22

Got a season-appreciation start in final week and made a good impression.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: Half a season at St. Paul, then check back.


Caleb Hamilton, 27

An all-but-hitless symbol of the Twins' desperation for healthy bodies, but there are worse skillsets than being a nice guy who can play several positions.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: Holding down a Class AAA job somewhere, but he'll always have that home run.

Ryan Jeffers, 25

The launch of his defense-matters career has been bumpy, with poor caught-stealing numbers, a loss of power and a broken thumb, but Twins were 33-23 with him behind the plate.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: Twins stick with their choice, hope hitting matures.

Sandy Leon, 33

No, he can't hit or run, but pitchers loved throwing to him during his fill-in-for-Jeffers stint.

Contract: Free agent.

2023 outlook: Have glove, will travel.

Gary Sanchez, 29

Maybe you can accept a rally-killing .282 on-base percentage from a great defensive catcher, but Sanchez isn't that.

Contract: Free agent.

2023 outlook: He's a catcher, albeit expensive, so someone will sign him.


Luis Arraez, 25

Newly crowned AL batting champion also drew 50 walks, remarkable for a non-slugger, and he figures to just get better.

Contract: Arbitration eligible (first year).

2023 outlook: Leadoff hitter deluxe, but he needs a position.

Carlos Correa, 28

Blew away Twins' biggest-salary benchmarks, then lived up to paycheck, with 47 extra-base hits, an .834 OPS, and great defense. OK, could use more clutch hits.

Contract: Owed $35.1 million each of next two seasons, but can become free agent instead.

2023 outlook: Working to make Twins regret not being highest bidder.

Royce Lewis, 23

For one thrilling month, he was Twins' surest next-big-thing; one bad landing in center field, and he's their biggest question mark.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: Back at midseason, but will twice-repaired knee allow him to be a shortstop?

Jose Miranda, 24

Exciting debut season for a natural-born hitter, and a clutch one, too, leading the Twins in RBI. Adjustment to first base was less smooth, though.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: Middle of the lineup for the next five years.

Jermaine Palacios, 26

Minor league journeyman went 0-for-33 in September until month's last day, then 5-for-13 with two homers in final week.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: Too many shortstops in the system to play here.

Jorge Polanco, 29

Proudly never-hurt, Polanco endured knee pain all season, which ended five weeks early when it got too bad. His ability to reach base was a big loss.

Contract: Owed $7.5 million for 2023, last guaranteed year of five-year deal.

2023 outlook: Moving him would lessen infield logjam, but he's too valuable and affordable.

Miguel Sano, 29

Played 20 games, struck out 25 times, and hit one final home run as a Twin on April 15. Aside from a three-day July cameo, disappeared for five months.

Contract: Twins have $14 million option, or $2.75 million buyout.

2023 outlook: Frustrating someone else's fans, at roughly one-fourth the price.

Gio Urshela, 30

Steady at the plate, often spectacular in the field, he was, perhaps surprisingly, the best player of the five involved in the Josh Donaldson trade.

Contract: Arbitration eligible (second year).

2023 outlook: As with Polanco, a quandary: He's valuable, but moving him would ease logjam for younger, cheaper prospects.


Byron Buxton, 28

Hobbled all season by balky knee, yet was team's runaway MVP (despite weird May slump) and no-brainer All-Star until sore hip sidelined him for good after 92 games.

Contract: Owed $15 million each of next six years.

2023 outlook: Another season in center field and in bubble wrap.

Jake Cave, 29

As durable as Buxton is fragile, he played 139 games at two levels, including every Twins game in final six weeks, but his bat is no longer MLB quality.

Contract: Arbitration eligible (second year).

2023 outlook: Emergency Class AAA depth, perhaps again for Twins.

Gilberto Celestino, 23

Too much too soon, he played more games than any Twins outfielder and developed a reputation for mistakes. Classic good-glove, little-hit reserve.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: Default option as extra outfielder, but needs more time at Class AAA.

Mark Contreras, 27

Mostly overmatched by big-league pitching, never had a two-hit game.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: Looking for a Class AAA job.

Kyle Garlick, 30

For second season in a row, Twins tried to give him lefty-killer role but watched injuries wreck those homer-hitting dreams.

Contract: Arbitration eligible (first year).

2023 outlook: Not likely to get third shot here.

Nick Gordon, 26

No player helped his standing with Twins more than the invaluable Gordon, who played five positions (plus pitcher!) and displayed surprising pop in his bat.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: Another 100 games as Twins' Swiss Army knife.

Billy Hamilton, 32

How strange was September? A team that never runs devoted a roster spot to a pinch-running specialist, even giving him eight hitless plate appearances.

Contract: Free agent.

2023 outlook: Likely retired, willingly or not.

Max Kepler, 29

Toe, wrist, leg injuries hampered him in second half, but his offense has dried up over two years and his power (last home run was July 5) has vanished.

Contract: Owed $8.5 million in 2023, last guaranteed year of five-year deal.

2023 outlook: It's selling low, but he's clear trade candidate.

Alex Kirilloff, 24

From mid-June to mid-July, cortisone hid wrist pain and made him valuable again. When pain returned, tried unusual bone-shaving surgery to salvage his career.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: Too good to give up on yet, but solid spring is critical.

Trevor Larnach, 25

Yet another prospect who appears promising but can't stay healthy, Larnach thrilled Twins with a 1.077 OPS in May — then missed final three months of season.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: Re-establishing himself as a regular.

Matt Wallner, 24

Made the majors in second minor league season, and didn't appear overwhelmed, collecting five extra-base hits in 17 starts.

Contract: Pre-arbitration.

2023 outlook: Solid candidate for a regular job.