OK, calm down. Commenter Newbie coerced us into that headline with an e-mail this morning. But it is true: The Wolves, as part of a three-team trade involving the Knicks and Nuggets, are set to acquire Anthony Randolph.

When you take away all the money and other particulars of the Eddy Curry side piece, it amounts to a swap of Corey Brewer for Randolph -- a player David Kahn has turned into his version of Kevin McHale's Ricky Davis. Wolves fans can only hope this eventual acquisition works out better than Davis' forgettable tenure here, which followed years of earnest pursuit.

Randolph immediately replaces Brewer as resident skinny guy on the Wolves roster. He is said to have length, upside and all those other things that a team looking to get more athletic could want. Unfortunately, as Jerry Zgoda wrote, there are "questions about his motor, defense and strength." If the Wolves envision him fitting into the Kurt Rambis' version of the triangle offense, former teammate (and now current teammate again) Anthony Tolliver had some interesting observations: "It'll be interesting to see how he handles the triangle. He seems more of an open-floor type, one-on-one type of player, but I'm not the GM."

Harmless quote? Astute observation? A shot at the GM? A sign that Kahn might not envision the Wolves running the triangle via Rambis that much longer? Not sure, but interesting. As for the overall trade, it does accomplish a few positive things:

*Brewer, though clearly a better basketball player than golfer and at least an adequate defensive player on a team filled with subpar defensive players, has a limited skill set. He's a good guy, he plays with energy and heart ... but you'll never trust his jumper, you'll never trust him to put the ball on the floor, and he wasn't the shut-down defender many tried to say he was.

*Randolph is at least intriguing. He's another athletic piece. Let's have a look and see what's there. At the very least, we can stop hearing trade rumors about him coming here.

*More importantly, the Melodrama is over. The convoluted, clumsy process of getting Anthony somewhere other than Denver is no longer part of the sports crawl. For that, we can all be thankful.