Few things in bird hunting are more satisfying than hunting behind a well-trained gun dog. However, if you chase birds long enough, ol’ Fido will eventually run into a skunk and get sprayed. And if you’re not prepared, the encounter will ruin your day. That’s why bird hunters should never, ever leave home without their de-skunking kit. The magic formula is one quart of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, a half-cup of baking soda and a tablespoon of liquid dish soap. In a bucket (which can double as a storage container), mix the ingredients together with a pair of rubber gloves (or elbow-high gutting gloves), wash your dog with the solution, wait 10 minutes, and thoroughly rinse with water. Then repeat the process. Unlike tomato juice, this magic recipe neutralizes the skunk stink as well or better than any elixir sold by your veterinarian.

Tori McCormick