If you saw my blog post last week about the Club Room v-neck cashmere sweater I've been watching at Macy's, you may recall my amazement and frustration that one item at Macy's can have a different price nearly every day. SInce I purchased the $195 sweater for $69.99 on Black Friday weekend, the price has changed to $97.50, $79.99, $78, $68.25 and a week ago, $52.49.

That's when I foolishly wrote "At 73% off, I don't think I'll get much of a lower price, even after Christmas." I guess that I just don't know Macy's very well because today, you buy that sweater for $39.99 if you use the discount code MERRY at Macys.com. (It's $49.99 but the discount code gives you an additional 20% off.)

The price in the store is the same but the selection may be picked over. If you've already bought the sweater, as I did, take your receipt back to the store for a price adjustment.

I don't know whether to chalk this up to Macy's mind-boggling pricing system or global warming, but now is a great time to look for deals on sweaters, coats, snow boots etc.

Warmer temps around the country have retailers marking those items down before Christmas instead of after. I just didn't expect to get 80% off this soon. Thanks Macy's.