A teenager was charged in connection with an armed home invasion of a Golden Valley residence in which valuables, a sports car and eight pricy puppies were stolen. One of the dogs has since been reunited with its mother.

Jahon Lynch, 18, of Robbinsdale is charged with first-degree aggravated robbery in connection with the holdup Aug. 26 at his aunt's home in the 2600 block of Medicine Lake Road. A warrant out of Hennepin County has been issued for the arrest of Lynch, the first of four suspected bandits to be charged.

Robbery victim Janelle Hardin told the Star Tribune on Thursday that a 10-week-old male from the stolen litter of merle American bully puppies "was spotted at a youth football game [last week] out in Maple Grove."

Hardin said she connected with the person who had her pup, and "he was cooperative. He gave the dog up."

She said Maple Grove police kept the puppy for several days to verify ownership before the little guy was reunited Tuesday with his mother and engaged in a vigorous game of keepaway with a raggedy chew toy.

As for the other seven puppies, Hardin said she has a lead on one of them from someone who has sent her photos and wants money for its return.

"It doesn't look too healthy," she said. "He wants me to give him $600."

Hardin said she's resisting paying the ransom.

"I'm not out to get anybody in trouble who purchased the puppies," said Hardin, who's gotten word that the puppies were sold in north and south Minneapolis. "I need my dogs back. They're going to die. They don't have their shots, and they need their mother."

Hardin said she and her wife, Danni Schwab, feel betrayed by Lynch, Schwab's nephew.

Hardin said Lynch "orchestrated the whole thing. Jahon knows everything that's in the house. Everything [the others] did was on Jahon's orders. They didn't duct tape us up. Jahon did. He did the aggressing."

Hardin and Schwab reported to police that Lynch and his cohorts forced them into the kitchen at gunpoint and bound their hands, legs and mouths with duct tape.

Along with the puppies and the car listed in the criminal complaint against Lynch, police say the suspects stole jewelry, gaming systems and designer purses, which have yet to be found. The car, a 2019 Dodge Challenger, was recovered a few days later in Minneapolis, Golden Valley Police Chief Virgil Green said.

The chief said the haul added up to more than $100,000 in valuables, with the dogs worth $5,000 to $10,000 each.

Joanna Kelly, who breeds merle American bully dogs, said they are especially valuable because of the genetic abnormality that gives their coats irregular markings.

The Hennepin County Violent Offenders Task Force has taken the lead on the investigation. Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Kelsey Demmert declined to answer questions about progress in finding the other suspects or the remaining stolen items.

"I know folks are eager to know more about this case and have concern for the well-being of the puppies," Demmert said. "We also know that sharing too much information can jeopardize the investigation. ... As such, we are unable to provide more detailed information."

Demmert said that anyone with information about the robbery can call the Sheriff's Ofice tip line at 1-888-988-TIPS (8477).