A University of St. Thomas law school professor is among 150 legal scholars from across the country calling on Congress this week to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Gregory Sisk, Laghi Distinguished Chair in Law, has been considered an expert on civil litigation with the federal government. He is also among the many lawyers who attached their name to a letter supporting President Donald Trump's nomination to the high court to fill the spot of retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy.

"We are a diverse group of legal scholars who hold varied opinions about politics, legal scholarship, and the proper way to resolve cases that come before the Supreme Court. But we all agree that Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh displays outstanding scholarly and academic virtues and that he would bring to the Court an exceptional record of distinction in judicial service," the letter addressed to the Senate Judiciary Committee begins.

The letter comes nearly a week before Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing set for Sept. 4 and on schedule, barring any obstacles, to get a justice confirmed by the time the high court begins its term in October.

Supporters say Kavanaugh has a "wealth of experiences" and known "for issuing carefully crafted opinions."

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