A St. Paul Starbucks became the first of the coffee chain's Minnesota locations in which workers have voted to unionize.

Workers United, an affiliate of the Service Employees International Union, said Wednesday that employees at the Starbucks coffee shop on Snelling Avenue near Stanford Avenue in St. Paul voted 14 to 1 to in favor of the formation of a union.

In a tweet, Workers United relayed a statement from the organizing committee saying, "We're so proud to have won this victory and hope it sets the tone for more organizing In Minnesota."

The Snelling Avenue shop was one of the first in Minnesota to push for unionization earlier this year after a wave of workers at Starbucks across the country filed for union elections. Other Starbucks have followed suit in recent months, including one of the Starbucks at the Mall of America and several locations in Minneapolis.

It was also announced Wednesday that workers at a Starbucks in Oak Creek, Wis., voted for unionization, a first in that state as well.