In an evaluation that was less glowing than in previous years, St. Paul school board members on Tuesday gave Superintendent Valeria Silva an "overall satisfactory rating" for her leadership in 2013.

Silva's performance during the third, pivotal year of the Strong Schools, Strong Communities reorganization had the district moving in the "right direction," board Chairwoman Jean O'Connell said.

Her work, too, on racial equity — geared to help all students succeed — was worthy of board support, O'Connell said.

But in a departure from last year's evaluation, which noted that Silva had "met or exceeded expectations in each competency," the board said in its five-paragraph statement that it planned to develop goals with her to strengthen relations and communications within the district and the broader community.

Silva, invited to speak after being applauded by board members, said simply, "Thank you very much."

In March 2012, Silva signed a three-year contract that set her base pay at $193,000, a figure that went unchanged when she last was evaluated in December 2012.

Now, under terms of the contract, she will receive a 2 percent raise on Jan. 1, 2014, as well as a 1 percent performance bonus tied to her "satisfactory annual review." Silva also is paid an additional $11,000 per year in longevity pay in recognition of her 25-plus years as a school district employee.

The district is planning a five-year follow-up to the Strong Schools, Strong Communities strategic plan, with features to be announced by Silva during her State of the District speech on Jan. 30. Community meetings on the proposal have been set for February and March.

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