Chicken bones, sticky fingers and the smell of hot sauce recently cracked the case of two allegedly thieving brothers.

A Checkerboard Pizza delivery man was robbed at gunpoint Friday as he tried to deliver an order of chicken wings to the 800 block of E. Geranium Avenue in St. Paul. Karheem S. Kirk, 19, and his 16-year-old stepbrother, identified in court documents as TS because he is a minor, were arrested after a pile of chicken wing evidence was allegedly discovered on them and in their home.

"Officers patted TS down and noted his hands were slimy and sticky, and he smelled of hot sauce commonly used by restaurants on chicken wings," the complaint said.

According the complaint filed in Ramsey County District Court charging Kirk with first-degree aggravated robbery: The delivery man pulled up to a house and two men approached him on foot. One asked if he was from Checkerboard Pizza. When he said he was, Kirk allegedly pointed a silver handgun at him and demanded his money and wallet. The second suspect dug through his pockets, taking $80, a wallet and the chicken wings.

Police found the brothers at their St. Paul home, about a block from the crime scene, shortly after the incident.

"Officer Mack saw a plastic bag on a bed and what appeared to be chicken bones near the bed," the complaint said. "Officers arrested Kirk and TS and placed them in the back of a squad. The two spoke, and TS said he 'should have washed his hands.'‚ÄČ"

TS later told police that they were hungry but had no money, and that Kirk pulled the gun, the charges said.

A semiautomatic handgun and assault rifle were later recovered at the home, the complaint said.

Police are investigating other robberies that may be connected to the brothers.

Chao Xiong