A 19-year-old man was sentenced Friday to 1¾ years for driving drunk, hitting a man walking out of a Target store in St. Cloud and speeding away.

Nathan J. Severtson of St. Cloud was sentenced in Benton County District Court after entering what is known as a Norgaard plea of guilty to charges of second-degree assault, fleeing police in a vehicle, drunken driving and first-degree property damage in connection with the incident on Feb. 26 in the Target parking lot on SE. Lincoln Avenue.

The Norgaard plea allowed Severtson to claim he could not recall committing the crime because he was under the influence of alcohol at the time.

With credit for more than eight months spent in jail since his arrest, Severtson is expected to serve roughly the first eight and a half months of his term in prison and the rest on supervised release.

The victim, 30-year-old Jayvon Alexander Adams of St. Cloud, had cuts to his face and blood coming from his mouth, and said his right leg was in a lot of pain.

Adams told police he thought he was intentionally struck because "the driver ... was looking directly at [the victim], and they made eye contact with each other before the collision," according to the criminal the complaint.

Surveillance video showed Severtson's car speeding into the parking lot, hitting an SUV and then "swerving directly" at and squarely striking Adams, who is seen attempting to jump out of the way, the complaint read.

Adams was "launched into the air and appears to fall on his head on the concrete," the complaint continued. Severtson then hit a minivan before speeding out of the parking lot. Police stopped and arrested Severtson shortly afterward.

Police "noted an overwhelming odor of alcohol coming from him" and sent a blood sample to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension for processing, the complaint noted. Test results showed his blood alcohol level at 0.254%, more than three times the legal limit for drivers 21 and older.

Severtson was banned from the Target store in December, but the complaint did not specify why.