Favorite room: Backyard.

Created by: Chad Kampe and Matthew Felt.

The back story: In 2018, Kampe and Felt became the 10th owners of an ultramodern house in Minneapolis built in 1973 and designed by award-winning architect Arthur Dickey. As the house turned 50 years old this year, the couple decided to add a pool to the backyard.

"In Minnesota, summer days are so sacred that we want to use the summer days the best," Kampe said. "And Matt's dream was always to have a pool."

But it couldn't just be any pool.

Dickey designed the house in the shape of the Star of David and the rooms were triangular. They learned the prolific architect also designed a triangular-shaped pool in the basement of a home in Minnetonka.

Kampe and Felt decided that an outdoor saltwater pool with a triangular design was in order.

How it was created: The couple hired Tracer Pool & Landscape to lead the charge.

Previously, the house lacked outdoor space or a backyard, just woods and brush. The pool and landscape team created usable space, clearing brush and building a 14-foot elevation so that the pool would be level with the house's main floor. It took four pours of concrete to make the base stable.

"Our neighbors to the south have a 2-year-old who loved to come out and see the building equipment and how they poured concrete," Felt said.

In creating the pool, they designed a unilateral triangle that was 26 feet on each side and 4.5 feet deep.

Finishing touches: In addition to a new pool, the couple built a walkout off the kitchen so they could easily access the pool and have great views of the woods just beyond. Kampe and Felt also added seating/lounge areas and sunshades.

"It has a nice mix of sun and shade at all times. So, anybody, whatever you want out of the pool, you can get from this pool," Kampe said.

Pink swim floats can often be spotted in the water, adding a splash of vibrant color and pool party vibe.

The new favorite room: Since opening this summer, Kampe and Felt use the pool several times a week. They have already hosted several pool parties (complete with pink rings floating in the water, of course).

"[My friends] thought we were crazy for building it," Kampe laughed. "But once they came in, they loved it."

The couple are glad to finally have an outdoor space to barbecue and have friends and family over. The couple, who own Flip Phone Events featuring drag queen shows across the country, said perhaps they'll even host wider community events in their new backyard.

"It's a great pool to gather people just because of the shape and the fun of it," Kampe said.

My Favorite Room is an occasional series showcasing improved home spaces, as submitted by readers. If you have a favorite room, send a snapshot or two, along with a brief description of what makes your room special, to myfavoriteroom@startribune.com.