Gov. Tim Pawlenty earned himself some Google hits, cheers and arm-chair quarterbacking jeers for his mention, during a Friday speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference, of Tiger Wood's wife's act of frustration when her husband's philandering was clear.

"She said I've had enough. She no more. I think we should take a page out of her playbook and take a 9-iron and smash the window out of big government in this country," Pawlenty said.

He got whoops and cheers from the Washington, DC crowd but some criticism from pundits and fans as well.

The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz tweeted to his nearly 19,000 followers: "Baad metaphor: Pawlenty invokes Elin, saying we should "and take a nine iron and smash the window out of big government in this country."

A Pawlenty Facebook fan responded: "What a stupid comment, Gov. Pawlently (sic). I'm a big fan, but your analogy is just plain stupid."

National Public Radio called it an "odd off the news moment." said the line, "isn't really all that funny if you think about it much."

And a Power Line blogger didn't like it.

It's a line Pawlenty used before in Minnesota to a few groans.

Here's Pawlenty telling the story Friday: