Remember that time Minnesota Nice applied to winter? "The Extended Fall of '23-24." More whimper than winter. Snowbirds are indignant and confused. Wait, it's 70 degrees in early March back home. Why did we spend thousands to flee south? Good question, butterfly.

Most metro locations saw 70 Sunday afternoon, the earliest 70 on record. If you had to make do with upper 60s I apologize for pop-up clouds that kept things 1-2 degrees cooler than they would have been otherwise.

A passing shower is possible today, but once again most of the rain with this next storm passes south of Minnesota. A storm tracking from Dallas to Cleveland may brush us with a little light rain Thursday and Friday; a possible coating of slush up north but not enough to really matter. An endless conga-line of Pacific storms is dropping several year's worth of rain and snow on California, keeping our prevailing winds blowing from the southwest, a persistently balmy pattern for Minnesota. Models show another shot at 60 within one week. A-OK.