General Motors:

Seeking $18 billion split into a $12 billion term loan (of which $4 billion would be provided by the end of December) and $6 billion revolving line of credit if conditions deteriorate.

CEO Rick Wagoner would get salary of $1 in 2009, and GM's board members would receive retainer of $1 for the year.

Would reduce hourly and salaried employees to between 65,000 and 75,000 by 2012, compared with 96,000 now.

Expects to cut dealer locations by 1,750, to 4,700 by 2012.

Would seek concessions from UAW to get "right-sized."

Expects to fully repay the loans by 2012.


Asking for access to standby revolving line of credit of up to $9 billion at government borrowing rates for a 10-year term.

CEO Alan Mulally would get salary of $1 if Ford uses any loan money.

Already planned to convert three North American truck plants to small car production and will allocate about half of future plant capacity to small and midsize vehicles.

Plans to double the number of flex-fuel vehicles by 2010 and have half of its fleet capable of using E85 by 2012.


Seeking a $7 billion bridge loan by the end of 2008 in addition to $6 billion from an already approved Energy Department program to encourage production of fuel-efficient cars.

Expects to spend $11.6 billion in the first quarter, including $8 billion to parts suppliers.