Maybe you're like Governor Mark Dayton who said that he hasn't been to the downtown Macy's store for years because he wants to remember it as Dayton's in its glory.

Or maybe you want to pay homage to a dying retail concept and a grand old building. If you decide it's to go to downtown Macy's one more time before it closes Sunday, here's what consumers can find.

Everything is currently 80 or 90 percent off according to the signage on Thursday (March 16), but there are still some racks that may say 70% off or an additional 50% off. The only way to be sure of the final price if you're not sure is to ask at one of the registers.

Only the first, second and fourth floors still have merchandise. The first floor has Oriental rugs that are still very expensive at 75 percent off or more. Smart rug buyers need to do some comparison shopping at other dealers before buying. Consumers can make an offer lower than the marked price, just as they would at other dealers. Buying handmade rugs is like buying a new car. Don't pay sticker price. The rug market has been soft for years, but that hasn't stopped some dealers from preying on the public's lack of knowledge.

The remainder of the first floor is a small amount of jewelry, watches and seasonal.

Second floor is men's, women's and kids clothing and home/housewares. The men's dept. is picked over with mostly smalls and extra larges left. The women's dept. still has quite a bit of merchandise. The home/housewares dept. is now reduced to only a few tables.

The fourth floor consists of used display merchandise including racks, animatronics from the holiday shows, Christmas trees, and various used knickknacks. All marked prices get an additional 50% markdown unless otherwise marked. Several of the display tables and racks are now priced at $5.

Things ought to get really interesting on Saturday and Sunday. Pricing will likely resort to "best offer" on the 4th floor used merchandise, according to one liquidator at the store, but it's anyone guess if all new merchandise will be discounted 90% or more.

If you want to remember the Dayton's, Marshall Field's, Macy's flagship in better days, don't go back. If you want bargains and can stomach a scene not unlike scavengers picking meat off old bones, check it out.