In today's Star Tribune, I published my story of Norwood Teague and sexual harassment. You can read it here.

Through a career of deadline gamers, investigative stories and tricky features with the pressure of telling a subject's story in a worthy way, this is the hardest thing I've ever written.

I've wanted to call it off about eight times. I wanted to be sick more often than that. But ultimately, I felt the importance of not just this incident, but this issue -- one that so many women endure and so rarely talk about -- obligated my action, even two years tardy.

The outpouring of support since the online version went live on Sunday night has been absolutely overwhelming, more than I could have possibly expected. It has drowned out those voices of dissent that I always knew would exist with a story like this.

The tales I am hearing today from my fellow women across the country are emotional and heartbreaking, but also serve as an immediate reminder of why I wrote what I did.

If my story keeps the conversation going. it was worth it.