The group pushing for same-sex marriage in Minnesota is releasing a new television advertisement pressing state legislators to pass the measure.

The ad features former state Rep. John Kriesel, a Republican and an Iraq War veteran injured in combat.

"Like many Minnesotans, Representative Kriesel's personal experiences are what brought him to the conclusion that loving and committed same-sex couples deserve the freedom to marry," said Richard Carlbom, campaign manager for Minnesotans United, the lead group pushing the measure.

The ad is similar to one the group aired in the final days of the 2012 election where voters defeated a proposed constitutional amendment that would have toughened an existing ban on same-sex marriage. The new ad urges Minnesotans to contact their legislators and tell them that it is time for all Minnesotans to allow same-sex marriage.

"In the next three weeks, the Minnesota Legislature has the historic opportunity to make Minnesota a more fair and free state by including same-sex couples and their families in marriage," Carlbom said in a statement. "No Minnesotan should have to wait any longer to enjoy the happiness and security that comes through marriage, and no Minnesota family should have to live another day being told that they are less worthy than any other family."

The ad is the group's first and will begin running statewide this week.

Here is the ad: